Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you were a hot dog and you were starving...

...would you eat yourself? It's a simple question.

Making the most of this summer while we still have a summer left. Today we ventured out to the Alaska Baseball League, a summer league for college kids trying to make a name for themselves. We had all the intentions in the world to take the girls to a bunch of games this summer. Today Lisa had the great idea to go check a game out...and since the weather is looking pretty crappy for the next couple of days, it might be our last chance to go. So right after naps, we found our baseball hats and went for our next adventure.

My little baseball fans in training. I might have to crop this one of Alyssa. That smile is too much.

65 degrees and sunny. Baseball in Alaska...gotta love it.


We arrived around the 4th inning and by the 8th inning, the girls were ready to go. Not bad for their first outing. On the way out, I stopped and took these last 2 pictures as the guy was swinging. Funny thing is that he fouled the ball up toward us. I saw just enough through the lens to know it was coming toward us but when I looked up I couldn't find the ball. The first baseman was running full speed right toward us. It ended up staying in play and the first baseman made the catch but there was a few seconds of panic as I wildly searched the sky for the ball coming toward my camera...errrrr, I mean my FAMILY!!

Unfortunately, that might have been our last chance to see baseball this year. Maybe next year we'll see some Astro's games!!!

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Anonymous said...

With the Express becoming Ranger AAA Team next year and promotion we now know both the pitching coach of the Corpus Christie Hooks (Astro AA farm team) and the future Executive VP of the Rangers. I;m sure we can get you into a few games of either the Astros or Rangers! Why is this last chance to see AK baseball?