Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm back BABY!!

I had a great week this past week. Unfortunately we couldn't pull off a way to take everyone down with me to Reno for a workshop. Lisa's mom was still in town to help Lisa out with the girls so that made it easier to leave...but still would have been nice. The workshop was phenomenal. I was paired up with a mentor who is going to help guide me for the next 2 years...and hopefully beyond.

My mentor is on the right.

So there was some scheming going on the weeks leading up to this past weekend. My buddy Tom in Sacramento, Lisa in Boulder, Brooke in Sacramento, and Treena (and her husband and 2 and a half year old daughter from Eureka) all met in Lake Tahoe at Brooke's parents house for a couple extra days of fun. Sweeeeet.

Master bedroom...

...and the view from the master bedroom.

Lisa and Brooke kissing one of the locals

Treena and her family had to head home on Friday, leaving the 4 of us to explore Lake Tahoe and have some more fun.

The beautiful Emerald Bay...

You might have to click on this next one to see tiny little ole me trying to push the giant tree over.

Time for a gondola ride up to the top...elevation 9156 feet.

Finally, one more dinner together before going our separate ways again on Saturday.

It was an amazing week. I lost some money in Reno but luckily won a few hands at blackjack when Tom and I hit the casino one more time before I left Saturday not a total loss. Honestly, my favorite times were the long conversations late at night with some truely amazing people. But it is nice to be back home. It was great to come home to Lisa and the girls. They seemed to have grown up a lot the last 6 days. I couldn't believe how well they are talking...taking their time and really trying to annunciate their words. Anyway, it's nice to be home. Lisa tooks lots of pictures too while I was gone so I'll have to catch up on those as well.

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Boy you weather guys and girls sure work hard!