Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving: Part Deux

Thanksgiving evening, like last year, we went next door to have dinner with our awesome neighbors. I can't remember everything we ate...but it was A LOT! Steve and Lisa provided most of the staples like the turkey, stuffing, salad, etc while we (Lisa and Eileen) made some of our favorite sides including the green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and a couple desserts (brownies and my favorite, pumpkin pie!). So much food! ...and it was all soooo good.

Here's the setting

I forgot to take a good picture of all of the food before we dug's the best I had.

Playing peak-a-boo while the adults sat around and enjoyed each other's company.

Sam was able to join us too after he got off work.

Katy hiding behind the curtains...

Our neighbor girls eating some dessert.

Now for some more stuffing of faces!

Then Wrigley (the dog) started getting in the action. She found the easiest targets...the girls!

...and after watching Wrigley try to lick the table, the girls thought it would be fun too.

Awesome day. More pictures to come. It snowed pretty hard Friday morning and we all got outside and had a good snowball fight and made snow angels and a snowman. Today, we put up our Christmas lots more pictures to share before I leave tomorrow night for RENO!!!!

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Dave and Lisa said...

Hey A, sounds like you are a chef? I actually know a few things about the kitchen myself.... :) Great blog! I like it!
Dave N