Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Katy is doing better

Thanks for all of the well-wishes. Katy is doing much better. That night, her fever finally broke around 4am. She ended up in bed with Lisa while I slept on the couch. Last night wasn't any better eventhough they stayed in their beds all night, Lisa was up sniffing and sneezing so she only got a couple hours of sleep. I'll post some pictures when I get a chance. Lisa's Dad and stepmom (Terri) are here for Christmas. We had a GREAT first day and are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with them.

Now stay with me...I was watching the A&M basketball game tonight. They were playing University of Washington at UDub so it was actually televised up here. Please say a prayer for A&M player Derrick Roland. He broke his leg tonight during the game and likely ended his collegiate career. It was pretty gruesome.

I only bring it up because unlike football or baseball, you get to know the basketball team. There are 10 players or less that really contribute so you get to watch them and get to know them...and route for them their whole career like they are part of your family. It broke my heart to see him lying on the floor in pain like that and especially to see his teammates (somehow apart of my extended family) also in tears...crying for him, for his suffering, for his future as a basketball player. I saw the true family on the court today and it made me want to give each one of them a hug. That's the sensitive guy in me, I'm sorry, but I really wanted to reach out tonight.

Anyway...say a prayer for D-Ro.

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