Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Gift!!

Merry Christmas from the Browns!! All of the presents are wrapped...well, at least the ones that I bought...and everybody is in bed...well, this guy will be soon. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow morning so there won't be any running out to presents first thing in the morning BUT...I will get home before they wake up from their nap so the plan is to have Christmas morning right after their nap in the afternoon (so it's the same effect).

So here are a few pics of dinner and the girls tonight. Dinner was an amazing crown pork roast. Wow! Lisa's dad can COOK!! And then they opened up a present that was a little Santa ornament that lit up. It was hard pealing them away from those to go to bed tonight. I bet tomorrow's going to be infinitely worse!

Merry Christmas again everybody!! I can't wait until tomorrow. The girls are going to be so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Attribution not necessary. It was fun being Lisa's elf. I never had the opportunity to make a tutu before and the girls looked darling in them. Great time, love, Terri