Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seriously sick baby...

So sad. Both girls started showing signs of getting sick late Thursday night and had low grade fevers Friday. Saturday, it was bad enough that we cancelled our plans and stayed home to take care of them. Then, last night was pretty bad. Katy's fever wouldn't go down even with Motrin. She was up and down most of the night so we made an appointment first thing this morning.

At 1, we got in to see our doctor and he was unimpressed. The fever thing didn't concern him...even if she had been throwing up he said it was just a thing going he sent us home with little ammo except to ride out the storm.

Well, that's when things got ugly. As we were getting in the car at the hospital, I noticed one of the tires was a little low. I stopped at the first gas station I could but of course "Air Pump Out of Service". So we continued on as planned to Sears to run in and pick up something real fast. As I turned into the parking lot, we both heard the sound of a true flat tire. I stopped and looked out to see the tire was coming OFF THE RIM!!!

Here's when we realized somebody was looking out for us...we got a flat tire going all of 5 mph as we were pulling into the one automotive place that happened to be open on a Sunday afternoon! Also fortuitous, I forgot to put the car jack and tire iron back in the car so I couldn't just change the tire myself which would have been the natural thing to do. Sears informed me that since my spare is a different size than my winter tires that I have on right now, I could have done serious damage to the 4 wheel drive system!

SO...we just had to wait a while for our neighbor to come pick us up while the girls took their nap and simply left the car at Sears to be fixed. I got a call this evening (to the surprise of the mechanic) that said the tire and the rim were in good shape and I can pick it up in the morning. A Festivus Miracle!!! least I'm trying to look on the bright side. We still have a very sick baby. Katy's fever spiked this evening up to 104.3 (although the under arm thermometer only read 102.6...she was definitely acting and felt like 104.3). Then she started having a hard time breathing after we gave her a tepid bath. So we debated on whether or not to take her back to the ER this evening. After our awesome nurse neighbor came over and listened to her for a while, we decided to let her sleep tonight.

Problem is...she can't breath and her fever is still up in the 101 to 102 range. So now she is out here with me on the recliner so she can be propped up a little. Lisa is trying to sleep in case I need to tap out later tonight. I'm also feeling like I'm on the edge of getting sick. I've avoided it all season so far...but this isn't looking good. much for our grand anniversary plans. I did go overboard and promised Lisa ballroom dancing lessons. Yeah, that's right. I can dance.

And there was some talk about how the 10 year anniversary is the diamond anniversary...wink wink. Give Lisa a call or email, I've overheard her tell the story 3 times already. I think she liked her anniversary present.

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