Sunday, January 04, 2009

catching up with some pictures from 2008

It is still cold. We're on our 7th day straight now of sub-zero temperatures. It is currently -14.8 at 10pm. We got down to -20 again this morning and will probably be in that same ballpark in the morning. BURRRRR!!!!!!

I need to catch up with about 2 weeks of photos before Christmas. I have a couple videos that I need to download too. I'll make that happen in the next couple of days now that I know how to download the D90 videos. Speaking of...if you actually go to youtube and watch the video, you can click on the button that says "watch in high quality" to see a better version. I think the one that is embedded is the lower quality version of the the eagle video.

So the story is...we bought a new plasma tv. It won't be here for another week but we didn't know that at the time. The first step was to move the top half of our beautiful entertainment center downstairs so that the bottom half could serve as the new tv stand. After the movers left (no way I was moving that myself), Lisa put the runner on top and then put a baby or two up there too. It looked like the perfect JC Penny setup so I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures. We got a kick out of it, obviously Katy was not as happy.

I accidentally loaded the full versions of those pictures so if you click on them, you'll see exactly how big the real photos are. Sorry bout that.

I'm not exactly sure of the story here...Lisa was feeding the girls and they decided that they wanted to hold hands so they REACHED over as far as they could. Lisa also said they had a "twin moment" the other day where Katy walked into the bedroom and looked at Alyssa...gave her a face then nodded...and Alyssa nodded back and then followed Katy out to the living room. She said it was pretty freaky.

I know in this one Alyssa is signing "chicken" so maybe they were trying to share their chicken with each other. I'll have Lisa fill in any gaps. Lisa here...actually the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" was playing on the CD player and Katy reached over for Alyssa's hand so they could dance. When the song talked about Old MacDonald having a chicken on the farm, Alyssa showed Katy the sign for chicken. It was TOO cute!

That's all I have for now. The full size photos took a lot longer than I wanted to. I think Lisa is making cookies so gotta go indulge. By the way, it's -15.4 degrees now.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Andy! LOVE the Christmas photos, and especially of the girls interacting in their highchairs. They are absolutely adorable and growing up so fast! Those ice fishing photos are neat too-love that the eagles were snacking also. Stay warm! I really enjoy checking out your blog every now and then. Your Christmas family photo is beautiful! -Julie Nyholm (Nunaka Valley Elem.)