Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to normal...well, kinda

Root canal...complete.
Trip to Kansas...over.

So like I said last time, life around here has been hectic. Last week we were juggling night shifts and babies while trying to get the house ready to be re carpeted. It all went pretty good considering the circumstances.

The root canal was surprisingly not nearly as painful as I was expecting. The procedure itself went by pretty fast and the following days were helped along with some strong pain killers. I'm almost back to feeling normal...still the occasional pain when I bite down.

The new carpet looks GREAT! Well worth it. This was something we've been wanting to do since we moved in. When we bought the house, we put every bit of extra cash we had into the down payment and didn't want to put 5K on a credit card for new carpet. Well finally after a little help from Governor Palin and the girls PFD checks, we decided it was finally time to treat our feet to some new carpet. I won't go into the whole story, but the guys from Lowes (while very entertaining and very good at what they did) were painfully slow to arrive both Friday and Saturday. Initially, it was going to be done by Saturday afternoon. Since they didn't show up until almost 2pm on Friday, they backed that estimate back to MONDAY!! After I pleaded my case about our situation with the babes, they agreed to come early Saturday and finish the job. They were again late by 2 hours on Saturday but stayed until it was done...almost 9pm!! Lisa and the girls stayed next door so besides being exhausted, they did great.

What few things still remained upstairs piled in the living room while they worked on the bedrooms.

Here's George ripping up our old carpet padding.

The 'after' pictures in a minute.

We had quite the change of weather last week. From bitter cold to record breaking warm. If you're wondering how warm it has to get in mid January to be break records...the answer is mid to upper 40s. Yep...we even reach 50 degrees one day. That's ABSURD!! These next few pictures were taken during the warm up. We had lots of rain which in the middle of a cold Anchorage winter will result in very slippery roads. They actually cancelled school for 3 days last week because of the warm weather. It's funny to think that the kids here have to pray for rain to get out of school but it's true.

I tried to take a picture of the orange rainbow but missed it. You can barely see what's left of it on the left. It was so cool...there was so much orange coming from the sunset that you couldn't even see the colors of the rainbow. It all looked orange.

Here's a shot of how bad the roads were in the neighborhood.

How bout some cute baby pictures?! These are shirts that my M&D got the girls for Christmas. They are hilarious! You'll have to click on one of them to read what they say.

Oh...and that's Alyssa's attempt at a smile.

Finally...the new toys!! In addition to the carpet, we decided to upgrade our entertainment center. The Samsung arrived before I left so one of the first things I did when I got home was hook that bad boy up. It is GORGEOUS! Here's a picture of the new carpet and the new tv.

I couldn't hide my excitement when we got the tv. I was giddy. Real giddy. So Lisa took a picture to capture my giddiness.

...and now for the bad news. I brought back a cold from my trip to Kansas. I've been feeling terrible these last couple of days and even though I was as careful as I could be, it seems that I have spread my germs to Lisa and the babes. Alyssa is suffering the most right now and has already woken up once this evening. It could be a difficult couple of days while we all fight through this cold. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're all sick. Feel better soon!

Those t-shirts are hysterical. I think my girls still wouldn't mind wearing them when we're out and about, even as 12 year olds.

Laurie in OH

p.s. Carpet and TV look awesome!

Anonymous said...

What no mention of the earthquake?

Anonymous said...

Liv wants to know how you landed that awesome jump.
~christin...and liv