Monday, January 12, 2009

More than a week??!!

Yeah it's been more than a week since my last update. It has been HECTIC around here. This week, we are getting ready for new carpet!! On top of that I'm working night shifts and have a root canal planned for Thursday morning. WEEEEEE!!!

Tons of stories to catch you up on. First, the girls graduated from PIC (Programs for Infants and Children). The speech and physical therapists came by last week and said they are caught up and don't need services anymore. In fact, they even had language skills of 22 to 23 month olds if you included their sign language. It seems like they are doing something new every day. During the therapists visit, Alyssa said "yes" for the first time. A day later, she said "no". I have to admit I wasn't as excited about the "no", but it was cute at the time. We asked if she wanted her blanket and she very calmly said "no". Lisa and I looked at each other like "who is this baby"??

Pictures...I have more stories but I know you just come for the pictures. Here are some new outfits...Lisa said they are Christmas jumpers from her mom.

These next series of photos are a result of being unable to keep up with the girls...or maybe it was cabin fever from all the cold weather. I had a headache and finally gave in and laid down on the couch. Lisa was cleaning up or doing something in the kitchen (did I mention our dishwasher broke last week...something we run EVERY DAY!!). The girls found a basket full of clean laundry and decided they needed to be in that basket and everything thing thas was in it needed to be out. The girls were victorious. All the while, you can see me laying on the couch beside them with a pillow over my head.

Cute pictures of the girls looking at the eagle pictures and video. They LOVE that video of the eagle and are always asking to see it again. In the first picture, Alyssa isn't sleepy...I just caught her mid blink. Click on the second one to see a bigger's a GREAT picture of my girls (all 3 of them).

These last two pics were during bedtime. It was typical shenanigans...this time they wanted to wear their hats and mittens. Okay.

Now...if you EVER need a laugh, come back and watch this video. I don't know how you can watch this and not laugh at Katy shaking her arms. Lisa called me one evening at work frantic trying to figure out how to work the video on the new camera. Slightly annoyed because I was working and it sounded like she was having a great laugh with the girls, I walked her through it. I don't know that I ever admitted that to Lisa but I was in a bad mood and it made it worse to hear how much fun she was having. When I got home that night, the girls were already asleep and I was grabbing a bite to eat when Lisa reminded me that I needed to watch the video. Reluctantly I watched. You'll see that in the first 20 seconds that they just stand there. I had no idea what to expect and then BOOM!!! I laughed so hard I about woke the girls up. I had never seen them do anything remotely close to this just seems so random and funny.

So enjoy. This is one in a million. Oh, and if you go to the video on youtube, you can click on "watch in high quality" just below and to the right of the video. That way you can make it full screen and it not be so grainy.

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And they're the dancing queens!