Friday, April 25, 2008

Still snowing!

Talk about record snowfall! The meteorologist in me has to share some amazing numbers. I got home from a meeting at work and measured 2.1 inches on the snowboard at 1pm. I've measured every's what I measured.
1pm... 2.1 inches
2pm... 3.7
3pm... 6.0
4pm... 8.2
5pm... 10.6
6pm... 12.6
7pm... 13.5
8pm... 14.6
9pm... 15.9
10pm.. 16.8!!

What's funny about that picture is 24 hours ago I was standing there, holding a beer in one hand and flipping chicken on the bbq with the other. It was 55 degrees. Today, we started at 48 degrees at midnight and the temperature dropped to 31.5 degrees by noon. It held between 31 and 32 degrees all day. Perfect for heavy snow.

I ran down to Madison's trail real fast this evening and took a few pictures.
Hard to tell but the trees are bent down over the trail.

This last one is Lisa's truck. It's not real high off the ground but it's not low either. Anyway, you can see that the license plate was actually hitting the top of the snow.

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