Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The birthday week continues

In this house, we celebrate birthdays for a week so here's some more fun from their big day.

I'll post the cake pictures tomorrow night. Here's a short video of the girls toward the end of the cake festivities.

This is another funny progression of facial expressions from Alyssa. The bunny that they are looking at sings a song and while it's singing, it's ears are flapping up and down. The first time or two, they just stared at it, but then Alyssa goes from curious...to not sure...to NOOOO!!!

We quickly opened the next presents and found hats. The girls LOVED their new sun hats!

Here, the girls are sporting some new nighties.

Of all the pictures we took of the girls that day, these two are my favorite. I'm not sure how they got into this position but Katy was still curious about a bear that sings happy birthday. Alyssa strategically positioned herself behind Katy. You can see the fear in her eyes in that second picture..."No. Katy, what are you DOING? WAIT! DON'T TOUCH IT!! KATY BE CAREFUL!!!! Oh, THE HUMANITY!!!"

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