Sunday, April 13, 2008

Never shake a baby

A little game we've been playing with the girls...never never NEVER shake a baby. Not sure how it started but all we have to do is ask if we can shake a baby and they start shaking their head no.


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Better than anything on America's Funniest Videos. The kids and I got a kick out of it this morning.

I sure hope that if you make it to OH this summer, we can meet least briefly (I know you'll be so busy). I'd love to see you all in person. You're an adorable family in pictures and film, and something tells me they don't do you justice.

Laurie in OH

Honey said...

I start and end my day watching these two videos. They make me laugh so much. Sweet, sweet one year olds! Love, Mom

Amy said...

Oh my gosh--that was funny! Even Dave was laughing! You should submit that to whoever does Public Service Announcements...well maybe cut out the parts where Andy is saying it would be fun. :)

I'll have to show this to Jacob tomorrow.

Love to you all!
Amy, Dave, Jacob and Baby P