Monday, April 21, 2008

it's been a week?

Sorry for the delay. This week has flown by. The girls enjoyed a spring visit from their Granny. We all didn't get out too much but Lisa and I did manage to sneak away from the house a couple times. Thanks Grannie for all the hard work you put in this week.

We are back to the grind. Katy seems to be adjusting a little slower...she's been throwing some fits during feeding time. We think she got used to not having to wait for the next bite. Kinda funny.

Otherwise, we got our new toy! Our new bike trailer/jogger arrived!! It is SWEEEET!! Anyone with young kids out there, go get yourself a trailer/jogger! We are going to have so much fun this summer. Spring has arrived here in Anchorage...we've hit 50 degrees now 2 days in a row! We've been able to take walks all weekend and today. The nice weather is going to continue this week so the girls are getting to get plenty of vitamin D. This is not our new trailer/jogger...we still need to get that out of the garage.

A quick side not is this was the first time since Madison died that we went down to the trail. I tried not to think about it too much but it was pretty emotional for Lisa. To think that we were on that trail at least once a day from summer of 05 to February 25, 2008 and in the last month and a half, we hadn't been down there once. It really was emotional. That section of the trail will always belong to Madison.

I love this last one of the two of them. It was hard to tell because we couldn't see their eyes...but they wouldn't smile. They looked like little grouches in their sunglasses.

These last photos are of Katy trying on her bear hoodie. If you can't tell (haha) she loves it. We've joked that they should wear it to bed because they seem to bang their head against the rails of the crib. They like to look at each other across the room and laugh. When they lift their heads up, sometimes they bang their forehead against the rails. So this would be a perfect helmet...nice and fuzzy. Andy Katy seems to like it.

The girls are doing fantastic at naps and better at night time. I would say about 50%of the time they can get themselves to sleep at night and 95% of the time during naps. I would say 100% of the time but apparently Katy needed some help this afternoon...otherwise they've gone more than a week without any help. It is so nice!! Finally, we're less stressed during nap and night time because we know it's not going to take too long and Lisa and I are spending more time together......NIIIIIICE!!!

Some of the latest developments (and there seems to be a new one every day)...Alyssa can easily pull herself up to kneeling position and then standing depending on what she's leaning against. Katy did that for the first time tonight. Katy does great about sleeping through the night. Alyssa is usually the one that will wake up but has been great about getting back to sleep.

Meals are getting messy. The girls love to help feed themselves and it usually involves food on the floor...probably pretty common for one year olds. Lisa doing all the work on her own is a pretty big production from preparation to feeding to cleaning up. By the time they're done eating, it's time for the next nap. Okay, maybe not but still, it's a production. Kudos to Lisa when I'm working and she's on her own. She is quite a Mom, wife, woman. I am a lucky, lucky man.


Honey said...

Thank you, THANK YOU! I was going into twin withdrawal. Very scary. The pictures are so adorable and makes me want to hop on a plane ASAP! Keep those photos and videos coming. Love, Mom

Mom &/or Dad said...

Concur with you being a "lucky, lucky man." But then who am I to know about such things?