Monday, April 28, 2008 finally stopped snowing

We ended up with 20.2 inches of snow! Even for Anchorage, that's a ton of snow. The third highest single day total and this year is now the snowiest April on record. I've definitely learned to expect the unexpected in Alaska but even this threw me for a loop.

We went out first thing Saturday morning. We didn't want to but the girls had their annual check up so we had to make an attempt. When we backed out of the driveway, I spun the tires. Put in reverse and the tires kept spinning. I said something like, "well that didn't take long". Lisa leaned over and switched it in to 4-wheel drive...problem solved. I kinda felt stupid thinking we were in 4-wheel drive the whole time. After that, not much difficulty getting around.

I'll fill you in on the doctors appointment later. Afterward, we drove around to take in the sites and let the girls have their nap. We got some more good photos. I like this first one, it makes my Bronco look like it has an afro.

Good thing we drove around that morning because by noon the snow started melting and falling off the trees. We're up to 16 hours of daylight so it doesn't have to be too warm or even sunny to melt the snow. It's going fast. Before, I was getting excited about biking to work...guess that's going to have to wait another week until we can dry out again.

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Great photo's!gridtp