Sunday, February 03, 2008

Aurora getting active

You're probably checking to see more pictures and videos of our cute little babies. Alas, I don't have any right now. Actually, we have over 100 new pics and videos just waiting to be posted, I just haven't yet.

What I did want to share early this morning is some Aurora Borealis pictures from last night. Our friend Lisa has blogged pictures from this webcam before so I thought I would steal her idea and do it here. I watched the webcam all was incredible!! Unfortunately, there wasn't any activity down in Anchorage but WOW was it beautiful up north.

Pretty amazing. It makes me want to take a trip up there and stay up all night and watch it live. Too bad it's -40ish up there.

You can check out the webcam here. It's located 30 miles or so north of Fairbanks. Aurora usually gets active around midnight up here and peaks between 1 and 3am. It's still going right now at 6am so if you want to bookmark this in the lower 48 and just check it first thing in the morning, you can probably see some live.

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Anonymous said...

This is really cool! I've been checking the link you provided with my kids every morning. By the time we look, there is just a tinge of green. I need to sneak down and check in the middle of the night here, I think.

Your girls are looking good! I'm glad to hear all is well in your house.

Laurie in the 'Creek