Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adventures in eating

The girls are GROWING!!! They are starting to act like little toddlers. I can't believe my girls are growing up so fast. Their personalities are getting more and more unique...but as some people have also noticed, they seem to be looking more and more alike. Their weights are still about a pound apart so I can't put my finger on it exactly but I've had more double-takes lately and have been caught calling them by the wrong name...something I'm sure will only get worse.

Feedings are going great. They are up to two feedings a day in addition to their time with Lisa and we've begun to indroduce some peas. They reacted pretty differently to the peas. Alyssa (who was the tentative eater to begin with) is now also pretty tentative to the new taste. She never refused or spit them back out but she gave this face every time. It was as if she was expecting the rice cereal each bite and was surprised it tasted so different. What's great is it wasn't hard to take these pictures...that expression doesn't leave until she swallows. Pretty cute to see her just look up at us like, "What in the world? Why would you...?" She's too cute.

Katy is an amazing eater. She takes the spoon from us and shoves it in her mouth and then twirls it to get all the deliciousness off of it. When she's done, she'll put the spoon down in her lap or throw it on the floor. Not too fun right now for us but what can you do at this stage but just laugh and roll with it.

Other times she gets so excited that she'll start flailing her arms about and occasionally whack herself in the head. As these pictures show, it gets quite messy with her. Again, too cute.

Be sure to click on one of those so you can see the cereal up her nose and on her forehead. If you've ever fed a baby that stuff, you know it CAKES on. It is impossible to get off without scrubbing something fierce. I'm sure it'll only get worse but cleaning up two babies twice a day is quite the production. Kudos to Lisa for keeping her sanity.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - growing up way too fast!!! Can't wait to see them in May-June.

Grandpa and Nana