Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One more....

non baby post. The girls will be back tomorrow. Today, I wanted to share photos from our day in Girdwood. It was a COLD day on the mountain but it was gorgeous.

Our friends Lisa and Ben gave me a day on the mountain for my birthday while Lisa got a massage. My mom and the girls came with us so they found a spot in the resort lobby and camped out for a couple hours while Lisa got spoiled and I played.

There were some low lying clouds and fog when we arrived but once we got on the ski lift and above the clouds, we could see what a perfect day it was going to be. I stole these first pictures are from Lisa and Ben's blog

First, Lisa R. and I at the top of the easy run. I had to warm up a little to this mountain. Last time I went, I ended up scooting down on my butt most of the way.

Lisa and Ben at the top of chair 4...which is about half way up the mountain. What a day!!
Me coming down into the clouds. The guy below be was out of control. There were very few people on the mountain but this can tell he was kinda wild.

Andy now the pics from our new camera. After we took a little break and checked in on the girls, I had a hard time getting my legs back into it. I stopped several times to take some pictures and after a hard run, decided to spend my last hour in the easy area.

This is close to where the previous picture was taken, just a couple hours later.
And looking back up where I just came from.

My last run. Lisa had just called me to say they were I was coming down the easy section back to the resort one more time.
What a day!! Thanks Lisa and Ben treating me. Thanks Mom for watching the girls and letting Lisa have some time to relax at the spa. Thanks Scott and Alison from Lisa for the gift card that made the whole thing possible.

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Amy said...

Wow! Is that the same place we went to this summer and took the girls up the gondola? It looks so different, but just as beautiful! And the girls look great! Can't believe they're 10 months old!