Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wow it's been a while

....since our last post. I try to make it a priority but holy cow does it get busy around here. The best chance I have to post is at night after the girls finally go to sleep but once they're asleep, it's hard not to hop in bed. We gotta take advantage of that time when it's available. The only reason I'm writing right now is because Lisa is feeding both of them. We just haven't gotten very good at getting the girls to take naps in their crib. It's something we HAVE to get better at.

ANYWAY...what's been going on over here? Lots. We had a guest with us for the past week or so. Our great friend, Amy, was visiting from the St.Louis area. She was a TREMENDOUS help! She didn't stop the whole time she was here. She was probably looking forward to getting back from her "vacation" so she could get back to her toddler! I'm kidding of course. Amy, THANK YOU!!! You were amazing!

Two highlights for me while Amy was here was 1. I was able to go golfing and 2. we left the girls with the neighbors so we could all go out for dinner. The latter was a huge milestone. Our next door neighbors with their two young girls had Alyssa and Katy for about 2 and a half hours and it went great. We, or I should say I, was checking the cell phone constantly to make sure that it was still on and that I hadn't missed a call. Amy took a funny picture that we'll have to share when she sends us a copy of us at dinner with the cell phone close by.

Only problem has been that Alyssa has had a little diarrhea the last 36 hours. We have no idea if it was from something Lisa ate or if Alyssa picked up a little bug next door. Either way, we think she's fine. She is still happy, no fever, and she otherwise seems to feel fine.

Amy obviously was able to see a little bit of Alaska, well at least Anchorage, while she was here. I was working nearly the entire time so Lisa and the girls showcased some of the local attractions. The weather ended up being very nice for her so I think it was a real treat.

Upcoming events? My sister and bro-n-law are coming Saturday!! We are thrilled, not just because they get to see our girls but because like Amy, it's their first trip to Alaska. Unfortunately I'll be working nearly the whole time they will be here too. No I didn't plan it that way, just coincidence that my schedule hasn't lined up with our guests.

On a sad note, we lost our friends that had the twins, Micki and Rhett. They moved to Oregon last week and it's been tough on Lisa. On the flip side, it is very fortunate that Amy and my sister are coming right now. It's definitely helping Lisa keep her mind off that loss.

So what's up with the girls? They are growing up so fast! They are the happiest little babies. It takes very little effort now to get huge smiles from them. Just today they were both lying on a blanket on the floor and I was standing above them. I was going back and forth and they were both watching me very closely and then would simultaneously erupt in huge smiles. It was pretty adorable.

Developmentally, they are doing wonderfully with their head control. I'll have to get a picture (or video) but they are both lifting their heads up so they can see forward when they're on their bellies. Just 2 weeks or so ago, neither one was really doing that then Katy started and now Alyssa too. I'm still saying "WOW" a lot when I see them do that. It's still pretty amazing how far they've come.

We're doing lots of exercises to get their stomach muscles and neck muscles ready for the next step. Again, we'll have to take some pictures and videos to show them off.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Amy was doing all the picture taking while she was here and we ran out of time to copy them before she left.

Thanks to all of you who still check for updates. We love you all.

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Kara said...

Thanks for the update!!! Sorry that your close friends moved away. Sounds like you all are very busy with some wonderful quests!!!

Can't wait to see recent pics of the girls. Glad to hear they are doing well!!