Wednesday, August 08, 2007

more baby time

I thought these three pictures were pretty cute, too.

And after watching this a couple of times, it's not nearly as funny as it used to be BUT...the story is that I was sitting at the computer and I thought Lisa was trying to get the girls to smile at the same time to get a picture. I came over and was overly animated to try and get the girls to smile at the same time for Lisa. After a couple of seconds of her not snapping a photo, I looked over and asked if she was taking a video. She says "yeah" to which I responded..."UUOOH, I'm talking like an idiot".

Again, at the time...funny. Now...not so much. But it's still some quality video of the girls being cute so I thought I'd share anyway.


Amy and Dave said...


Don't sell yourself IS funny hearing you make baby talk and then realizing you're on video!! :)


Kara said...

Great posts!!! Glad to hear the girls did well and their check-ups and sorry that the shots were so tough on babies and parents :)

Keep the updates coming. Your girls are so beautiful and you both are amazing parents.

Anonymous said...

Your picturres ande movies are "way too precious". Can't wait to see you guys in Sep. Think the girls will be up for a train trip to Seward?

Dad and Terri