Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're back

Sorry for the delay. I started getting emails asking if everything was okay since we hadn't posted in a while. Everything's great....just got a little busy.

We had a tough weekend. Lisa and I were getting used to the 7 hours or so of continuous sleep each night, then the girls decided to shake things up on us. I think it was Thursday night where they went down at their normal time but decided to get up at 6:15ish...which is a solid 2 hours before when they normally do. The next morning wasn't any better, around 6:30 or so. That next night, Katy gave it to us. For whatever reason, she decided Saturday night that she wanted to be held when she slept. I stayed up with her until 2am, putting her down..screaming...getting her to sleep...putting her down...screaming. At 2, Lisa got up and took over so I could get some sleep. She fed her...Katy fell asleep...Lisa put her down...scream!! When I got up at 7ish to get ready for work, I found the TWO of them on the couch asleep. Katy just had to be held that night.

THANK GOODNESS that hasn't happened again. They have been great the last 2 nights and woke up each morning around 7.

Yesterday, the girls got to go to the Botanical Gardens (their second trip, daddy's first). It was one of the hottest days of the summer so we took advantage of it and go out and enjoyed the weather. It got to 76.4 at the house...second warmest in the last 3 summers. We have it real tough here, I know. Last night was actually pretty miserable. Even with the windows open, it would just not cool off. It was almost midnight and Lisa and I were still commenting on how "hot" it was.

So here are a few pictures from the garden. They didn't really come out too well but you get the idea.

not our best picture but who could resist a self family portrait...

Tonight was a bitter/sweet night. We went to our favorite restaurant, the Moose's Tooth (sweet) but it was our goodbye dinner for our close friends Micki and Rhett (bitter). Micki and Rhett is the couple that had the premature twins about a year before us and have helped us out TREMENDOUSLY during the entire ordeal. Micki has been an invaluable support to Lisa. They are GREAT friends and we are soooo sad that they are moving but know they are doing what's best for their family. We will miss them dearly.

But....again....we got to eat a chicken ranch pizza! It's my first time out with the girls at a restaurant (again their second) and they did wonderfully. Lisa fed them in the car while we're waiting for a table and they slept pretty much the whole time we were inside.
My girls chilling in front of m'beer in The Tooth.

Lisa, Reive, and Rhett

Denavae showing us the proper way to eat a pizza.

Otherwise, it was pretty much business as usual. We're trying to get the house ready for the next round of visitors which we haven't been too successful at...yet. As you'll see from this video, the girls are doing great. This first video was on Monday. I was on the floor talking with Katy and Lisa had just finished feeding Alyssa. The dog was ready to be walked. It was just a very typical moment in our house. As you'll probably hear, there is a lot of laughter. That is also typical. We're just a happy family.

What we were laughing at was Alyssa. She was having some "lower wind" issues. I know it's hard to tell what we're saying but that's the gist of it. She tooted a couple of times while I was filming it and it got us laughing pretty good. That, and Katy gave a great "booboo lip" there at the end.


Amy and Dave said...

74.6 sounds wonderful to me! We've been having record highs in the 100s and upper 90s every day--ugh!!!Don't worry about the house for...just enjoy your family! See you just after midnight on Wed!


P.S. The video was great! We got a video of Jacob playing in the bathtub and at the end he let out a massive toot--it was priceless as is your video of Alyssa and hers!

Kara said...

Weather sounds great. Is it humid?

Also, great update. Hope the girls continue to sleep well and not have anymore bad nights.


LAURIE IN OH said...

First of all....Lisa, you are so darned cute. Can I have your cheekbones? Please? I can't believe you just had twins and are lacking in sleep. You look GREAT!

Your twins are darling, and getting big so fast....and SO identical! I stopped here earlier to show MY twins your latest, and they are still in love with your babies. It's neat to read your stories because it makes me remember the early days in my twins' lives, too. Julie and Leah love to hear my stories of sleepless nights and being spit up on from both sides. :)

Take care, enjoy the lovely Alaskan weather, and I'll look forward to your next update.

Laurie in OH
TTTS mom to 11 year old twins that are taller than I am now......