Monday, August 06, 2007

Katy cooing and laughing

Katy was happy as could be the other day in her swing. I grabbed the camera and got some of it on film...finally. At about 1:20, it's as close to a laugh as we've heard. Lisa touched the fish so it was swinging and you can see her study it for a second, then laugh.

Be sure to click the video twice to get it to play.


LAURIE IN OH said...

That is just too cute for words.

I want to know what that fish did to make Katy so upset at the end. Bad fish!

Amy and Dave said...

Don't let anyone tell you that that was gas!!! That was a great laugh and how special that you caught it on video!

Can't wait to experience some of those laughs and coos live in about 2 weeks!