Friday, August 03, 2007

checking in.....

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. It's not from a lack of effort, I just don't have enough time. I've thought about posting from work but some of my colleagues check it now and then and I don't want it to get around that I'm doing "personal" things on the job. You may not be able to sense it, but there's a little sarcasm in that last sentence.

If I'm not making sense, I just got off a night shift and wanted to post before I went to bed. Too many good things going on now not to share some of them. Plus I had a frustrating shift and posting is kinda therapeutic.

The girls are doing very well. Lisa is an animal! She's been doing great while I've been on night shifts. The girls have been going down between midnight and 1am with Alyssa being the one that usually drags out the process til 1.

The cooing is getting more and more frequent...and cute. I didn't think about it until after the fact last night but I should have grabbed the video camera. I will definitely do that one of these next couple of days so we can share these special moments.

Te girls haven't been weighed in a couple of weeks now. We have our next scheduled appointment with the pediatrician on Tuesday so we'll get an updated weight then. They are also due for some shots...not looking forward to that. There were lots of tears, both the girls and the parents, last time.

We think they are both gaining weight nicely, Alyssa is probably still out gaining Katy but don't think it will be a concern. What we are a little concerned about is they both seem to be regressing a little bit in their head control. Katy is actually still doing pretty good but Alyssa seems to have stopped picking her head up as much...whether it be during floor time or when we're holding her on our chest. Don't know if her muscles can't keep up with her weight (since she is the heavier one) or if we're not doing something...or not doing it enough. It actually isn't a "concern", just something we noticed and want to bring up with the pediatrician on Tuesday.

Lisa managed to get some smiles on film. I think she took my statement about not being able to get smiles on film as a challenge...and she succeeded. So here's Katy...being Katy.

A little slow in posting these, but here are the girls in their 4th of July outfits. Compliments of Lisa's Dad. The first two are of Katy. Somehow, we managed to forget to take a picture of them together. We'll have to dress them back up and do that soon.

The other night I was driving to work and came across this family of moose. It's a mom and her twin babies.

My sister (WHO'S COMING IN ONE MONTH!!!) said that she likes the pictures of the girls snuggled up on Lisa's chest. So here's Katy getting some good Daddy time in the other morning.


Anonymous said...

Hello to the Brown's. Those girls are sooooooo adorable. GO BROWN'S!!

Love you

Kara said...

They are growing like crazy and so adorable. Lisa is such a champ to take care of the girls by herself while you work night shift!!!!

I can't wait to hear their weights!!