Tuesday, February 06, 2007

good news

The appointment went great today. It was mainly an appointment with the ultrasound technician with the doctor just dropping in for a few minutes to look over the results. The technician answered all of our questions and seemed very positive that we would not need the surgery today.

I immediately noticed a difference on the amount of fluid around the donor. It seemed better to me. Later when he looked for the maximum vertical pocket he showed us 7.38 cm!!!! It was 2.3 cm last week! The recipient is at 9.1 cm...she was at 9.6 cm last week.

We were ecstatic about those numbers but the technician warned us that although the numbers are great, that is only part of the equation. He is more concerned about the blood flow. He spent the majority of the time looking at the blood flow through the arteries in the heart and in the head. He said it will be the blood flow that will dictate whether surgery is required or not...and he and the doctor said it all looked good.

Bottom line, no surgery today and we'll look again next Tuesday. We were in tears we were so relieved but realize we have a long way to go. This was a big victory and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Keep the prayers coming. We know the real reason we've seen improvement. Thank you so much everyone. We love every one of you.


Anne Vasquez said...

That is wonderful new, guys!!!! I know that you have many, many prayers coming from SPRING TEXAS and they will keep on coming! Ramon and I send you our hugs,love, and continuous prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy and Lisa,
I can't help but be drawn to your blog and have so much understanding for your emotions.
That is fabulous news today about the fluid pockets! Sounds like the fluid is evening out.
I am the fetal therapy coordinator for Dr. Chmait , the fetal surgeon here in Los Angeles. My name is Terri.
I am not trying to sell our program, just offer my support. Sounds like you are doing great and not needing surgery , so feel free to ask me questions and know that a lot of us care.
I am e- mailing form home and this is my private e- mail. I will follow your progress and pray for your continued good news!!!
Terri Maitino R.N.

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to check how things are going. I am glad everyone is hanging in there OK. Great job Mom, Dad, and babies!

Continued prayers and good wishes from Ohio.

Laurie (from the TTTS board)

AAO Road Rats said...

HOORAY! One more day, one more victory. Such good news, i am so happy for you. i will continue to pray and know that my thoughts are with you often. AND IT IS LOST NIGHT! love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Great NEWS for all of you guys. By the way we love the names you've picked! I am planning to come see and help you guys soon. LET ME KNOW A GOOD TIME. Our love and prayers, hopes and wishes are with you guys.