Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Week 25

We had another good weekly appointment with the specialist today. I'd be lying if I didn't say it is still unnerving (if that's a word). We had a reality check twice...the first was with the tech who initially didn't see the pattern he wanted to see on the blood flow through the umbilical chord. He looked at it for what seemed like 5 minutes but was probably only a minute or two before finally saying..."ok, there it is". I'm not sure exactly why it was showing up that way but it was a moment of concern.

The doctor came in afterward and had the same problem. He initially didn't see the pattern he wanted to see but after a minute or so, he got what he wanted and was satisfied. I know I'm not explaining it very good.

The second moment was the second the doctor sat down next to Lisa and began looking at the ultrasound, he said "well, you definitely still have it" or something to that affect. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear but it is a good reality check that even though we aren't going to have the surgery, it is still a serious condition and will have to monitor closely.

I'd share the numbers they found but the tech again insisted they aren't relevant. Bottom line was the donor has room and there was still plenty of fluid in her bladder. I shouldn't say plenty because this ultrasound seemed more like that first one 3 weeks ago when it didn't seem like she was very restricted. The doctor was pleased and not concerned with anything he saw today so we've bought another week.

I asked about what he thought the time line is...if he thought we were heading down a path to a very premature birth. He seemed confident that we would make it through 30 weeks. We have been praying for and will continue to pray that we make it as long as possible.

Tomorrow is Lisa's diabetes test and the first of two shots to boost the babies lung development in the pretty likely case that they will be premature. Next Tuesday will be a long ultrasound (30-40 minutes per baby) and we'll get an estimate on their weights.

The nursery is painted but needs one more coat before I share any pics with you guys. It is certainly yellow. It's growing on us but boy is it yellow. I honestly don't know if I like it but I can't imagine painting all over. What a pain. It better grow on me fast.

Here's a couple pics from today's ultrasound. The first one you can see some one's butt right up against the other's head. A second after he printed this out, she pushed the butt away. It was pretty cute. The second one is right after that with her hand still up by her head ready to punch anything that gets close again.


Amy said...

Thanks so much for sharing the ultrasound pics!! I'll call soon to talk about the trip.


Anonymous said...

Laurie from the TTTS board again. I swear I'm not a stalker....I just knew you'd have another weekly update. I'm very glad things are stable. I recommend the March of Dimes website for info on prematurity if you haven't seen it yet. There have been some wonderful advances in caring for earlier babies, and it should be very comforting to you. Will you plan a visit to an NICU before the babies come? See you next week (and every week after until 30+ weeks! You can't get rid of me now.)
Laurie in OH

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Lisa,
Just checking to see how you are doing. I am so relieved for you that you did not have to have the surgery and now you are watching but looking forward to things such as painting the nursery!That is great news. I always tell prospective patients that the best news of all is that you don't meet criteria. Your perinatalogist sounds like he is on top of things and hopefully you will go on to 32 weeks or beyond! I will keep checking back to see how you guys are doing. I look forward to seeing the babies pictures posted on this blog!
Terri Maitino R.N.

Danielle & Kevin said...

Hi Andy & Lisa! This is Danielle from the TTTS message board! I am so glad you have a blog! You will find you get a lot of support from your blog throughout this very trying time! I got teary eyed looking at your blog because it is so similar to what we went through. We also did not have the surgery. We managed out TTTS and IUGR with bedrest and boost. Please feel free to check out our blog...it explains a lot of the medical terminology...for exampe issues regarding the dopplers/ umbilical cord. We had lots of problems in that department. Anyway, please keep us posted and keep up the great work! You are wonderful parents already!!!!!! I know this is such a hard time!! Hang in there!
mom to Ben and Jake, TTTS & IUGR Survivors