Sunday, February 04, 2007

coping with the news

So as you may have been able to tell from the last post, we were pretty emotional about the news. During the pregnancy, it never crossed our mind (and why should it?) that there would be the potential that we could lose our babies. So we took that initial shock pretty hard but have been doing much better since the first 36 hours or so.

Lisa did better than me. I think the motherly instincts kicked in and she realized that worrying wasn't going to help the babies but resting and thinking positive would. She finished up work on Thursday and has spent Friday and yesterday glued to our favorite recliner in front of the tv.

I, on the other hand stayed home from work Thursday and spent the day pretty depressed. I slept most of the day and when I was awake, I just sat there and stared at the wall thinking. Not very productive considering we have a nursery to finish....err I mean, start.

Since Lisa got home Thursday evening and we were able to talk some more about our feelings, I discovered how well she was doing and her spirits lifted me up. She told me that although it was tough sharing what was going on and she cried a lot during the day, she also had some wonderful moments like when a principal of a school that had been tough on her all year sat down and prayed with Lisa in her office!!! WOW!

Then the phone started ringing...and ringing...and ringing. You guys have been the best! Just knowing that our family and friends are all over the place praying for us is SO uplifting. We really do feel better and know that is translating to the babies too.

So what's next? Tomorrow we go in for a routine appointment with the OB. I'm sure there will be lots of Q&A tomorrow but we probably won't learn anything new about the babies condition. On Tuesday, we will go to see the specialist who will take a look at the babies and see how the fluid is. I'm guessing there may not be much of a difference from last week. This will be just to make sure it isn't getting worse I think. If it is worse, we will be on the first plane to Portland, OR. The appointment is at 2pm and I'm sure we'll know within the first 10 minutes if we're going or not. I'll be sure to post the results as soon as we know them. It may be safe to say, if you don't see a new post by Wednesday then we could very well be in Portland having surgery.

The other news I want to share is the names of the babies. Since they are easily distinguishable now and we had pretty much secured which names we wanted, we went ahead and named them Wednesday night. I'll okay it with Lisa and probably tell the grandparents first but hopefully share that tidbit with the world in another day or two.

Keep us in your prayers.

In the mean time, here's Lisa at 21 weeks and what we were doing Friday night to entertain ourselves while Lisa's on bedrest. If you can't tell, Lisa's rocking on Guitar Hero. I believe she was playing Sweet Child O Mine.

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Amy said...

We are praying for you and thinking of you ALL THE TIME! Love the belly shot--too cute!

Amy, Dave, and Jacob