Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moose Action

I have to give Lisa credit for that title. I asked her to help me out and upload the pics and put some random title and I would finish the post later. When I opened it up and saw "Moose Action"...well, it was a winner!

Saw this big boy at work the other night. The iphone takes great pictures when there is good light and the subject is a 5 to 10 feet away. At night when the subject is 25 yards away...not so much. But still, you get the point.

This guy was hanging out in the parking lot. He grabbed a bit of snow and then looked back in our direction. I thought it was a funny picture with the very distinguished looking white beard. Santa Moose maybe??

Then I tempted fate and went outside and tried to take a closer picture. You can kinda tell in this one he really was a big boy.

I don't think people like posts that don't have to do with the I'll include a quick video I took of Katy singing Jingle Bells this evening. I might add some annotations later because it's hard to understand her. Still you get the idea.


Lisa said...

Even though I LOVE the girls and am so happy to have you guys post so much of them so I can see them grow up while thousands of miles away - I don't mind when you guys post other things that are happening in your life, I love seeing stuff about you guys too and actually wish you'd post more! I miss you guys! Hugs to all 4 of you!

Honey said...

I got it....plain as day to me! Good job Santa Katy!!