Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas time in the city...

We've been busy preparing for Christmas, how about you?? I wanted to share a few photos from a fun trip I took the other day to Girdwood. My buddies Andy D, David, and Todd met up at Alyeska for a day of snowboarding (and skiing for Todd). We all had a blast. It was a perfect day! The sun was out (well as much as it can be in December) and the temperature was COLD!! I don't think it got above 5 degrees. Didn't matter, we were dressed for the occasion and had a wonderful time. Hard not to with views like these.

Lunch with a view.

Alpenglow at 3:30pm

The other bit of excitement yesterday and today is we are finally getting our Christmas cards out! First of all, if you don't get one right around isn't because we forgot you!! Send us your address! We have several extra cards so just let us know. We've also been transferring all of our addresses from outlook back to our iphones and I think we might have lost a few.

Anyway, each year we take a ton of photos for the cards. Sam has helped us the last two years. Well now Sam is gone so we had our friends Andy, Kendra, and baby Malena over to have dinner and help us take the photos. We got a lot of great shots. I won't share the one that made the card but here are some that didn't make it...some good and some not-so-good!

I have no idea what happened here! It was tempting but I decided not to use this one for the Christmas card.

Not sure why Lisa didn't like this one... maybe because I wasn't smiling.

Baby Malena taking it all in!

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Amy said...

Lisa, I love, love, LOVE your hair!! Great family pics too! Can't wait for the card!