Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

I have been unable to share all of our Christmas festivities because of some exciting developments! Well...not yet, but I'm trying. I have been applying for a job that would take us to the lower 48! It has occupied me for the last several days if not weeks. Finally, I finished my resume and the application last night so I can get back to sharing all the fun we had during Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we went to the zoo at about 6 to walk around under the lights. Only problem was it was COLD!!! Here is a picture of the car thermometer as we pulled up into the parking lot.

It was a really neat experience seeing all the animals at night. We've been there at least 20 times and never after dark. Very cool experience!

On a sad note (but happy for him), my buddy Tom is heading across the Pacific with his family. He is a very private individual so I won't share more...other than he is going to be missed during these 3 weeks! Have a great time, Tom!!!!

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