Monday, September 27, 2010


I need to take a break from the vacation to share an interesting day we had last week. I was at work and we were having quite the wind storm. Lisa gives me a call to tell me that we lost a tree!!!

The next morning, our neighbor called a friend to come out and take care of it. After the first cut...

I hear "well, that didn't work".

Then I step inside and I hear screaming. So I go downstairs to see what's going on and I see my little tree-huggers.

Isn't that sweet?! My girls LOVE that tree. They cried and cried while the guy cut it down.

Something else completely random...tonight we decided to be pirates.

Hope you enjoyed the random post tonight.


Lisa said...

Great post!! That is SO cute, but so sad about the girls and the tree. And LOVE that the pirate stuff is still getting used! :)

Honey said...

This is just too sweet! And the pirates....odd, that you all "lost" the same eye!!