Saturday, October 02, 2010

heading out of town

I wanted to do one more quick post before I head to the east coast for a quick visit. A close family friend passed away last month. My entire family is flying out to celebrate his life in South Carolina Monday and Tuesday. Dad said it best in an email...

"Randy’s impact on my family was great. What’s more, it is only one example of the many lives and families that he influenced. Randy will not be forgotten. I look forward to seeing them at the celebration of Randy’s life at the Valley."

So while it seems like a long way to fly for such a short visit, it is well worth the time to be there to join in the celebration and comfort my parents while they grieve for the loss of such a close friend.

But before I leave, I wanted to share a few pictures that Lisa took today of the girls playing in the leaves today.

See you later in the week!


Anonymous said...

Those are some seriously cute girls. That hair! I can't get over it. :)

Laurie in OH

Anonymous said...

Can you please send "RHAW" files so we can print high quality prints?

Love Dad

Amy said...

Jacob said "Awwwww! They're cuties!" And he giggled at all the pics of the girls playing in the leaves.