Sunday, September 26, 2010

on with the show...

We pick up our adventure on Saturday, the 11th. Mom, Dad, Lisa, and the girls got up at 5:30am to be at the train depot by 6:15. An early start to an awesome day. They all took the train down to Seward and I met them down there so we'd have a car for the weekend. Since our favorite cabin was sold this summer (GGRRRRR!!!) we searched and searched and decided to stay at the Cottage on the Bay. It was a great choice. It is as close to the water that I've ever stayed...literally kick a rock from the porch and it will fall into Resurrection Bay.

Great view, eh?

View of the cabin looking back from the water.

I wish I had a ball and a driver so I could pull a Kramer...."hole in one."

nice view, eh?

Right outside the cottage was one of many bald eagles we saw hanging out.

Upstairs of the cottage

Time for a walk on the beach.

After dinner, we returned to find the tide had gone out...way out!

Father and son chillaxin

Found some jellies that washed up during high tide.


What a perfect day.

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