Thursday, September 23, 2010

oh we're back!

Well we never left but I sure did take a break. SO much has happened. Recap!!

My parents came to visit in early September and stayed for almost two weeks. It worked out great with my schedule plus I was able to take a couple of extra days off to enjoy the time while they were here. Lots of adventures and pictures to share from that visit including a train ride to Seward, overnight at a cottage on Resurrection Bay, and then a trip up to Hatcher Pass.

Then a few days after the 'rents left, my buddie from Sacramento came up to see us TOM!! Tom spent a little less than a week but we fit in a lot of fun during that time. Always good to see Tom.

So let's start with the 'rents visit. Didn't take long before a baby moose came to our freaking door to say "hello"! Pretty cool experience to be that close.

Dance class is always a good time. If you can't smile while watching 10 little 3 year olds dance, then you have no soul.

Well Alyssa doesn't count, she was having a bad day. She fell and hurt her knee and messed up her she didn't want to dance. I just like this picture that I thought captured her sadness.

We were lucky enough to share my Dad's 65th birthday while he was here. We were going to go fishing like last year but evidently the fish weren't cooperating, so we decided to spend it with the family in Girdwood. It was a great choice. First stop, lunch at the Bake Shop. Check out those flowers!

...and then a tram ride up to the top.

LOVE this one.

Somebody's having a good time.

Chillin' with the girls in the courtyard at Alyeska.

We've started the girls' addiction a little early. Here they are enjoying their afternoon Starbucks fix.

Girls sharing their delicious treat with the local wildlife.

Then a quick hike up to a local waterfall.

On the way home we got another surprise, the bore tide! We've been in Alaska for over 6 years and we hadn't seen the bore tide until that evening on the way home. The wave was about 3 or 4 feet high...pretty cool.

Tomorrow, we'll pick up with the birthday celebration that went on that night.

...hope this helped keep you awake tonight Tom...

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Anonymous said...

Lisa!!! You look sooooooo pretty in that waterfall pic!