Thursday, July 15, 2010

Andybody want to adopt a couple of moose?

Two orphaned sets of twins in one week! The ones that have been hanging out by our house seem to be doing pretty good. These apparently just lost their mom a couple of days ago and are still struggling. The lady that told us that she was put down actually pointed over to where it happened...and it was right where the twins were hanging out. So kinda sad...these cries are for their mommy.

What is cute is Alyssa's response. We told the girls that they were looking for their mommy. When I was talking to the lady about the mom, Alyssa interrupted and told her that the baby moose were sad because they couldn't find their mommy. "...but I'm not sad. My Mommy is right here."

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Anonymous said...

We've got plenty of room in the back yard - not sure they would like the Texas heat though!