Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Quick post to share our latest adventure. This morning, we squeezed in our first kayak adventure with the girls. We went to one of our small local lakes down the street to give them a taste of being on the water. It went really well! The girls were very still ...for the most part. Toward the end (and we're only talking 30 minutes), they were getting kinda squirmy and anxious to get off the boat.

Very excited.

Funny thing on the way there, we ran across an accident that just happened. Looks like somebody....lost his load?!

At the lake, we saw ANOTHER set of orphaned twin moose. Another lady that was walking by said that they had to put down the momma moose a couple of days ago. So sad, these two were crying. I got a video of it...I'll post later tonight.

Getting our life vests on.

LOVE this one!!

Good experience over all. The girls didn't eat a good breakfast because they were so excited so the whining got a little much at the end...but overall, everybody enjoyed our first trip as a family on the lake. Hopefully many more are in our future.


Anonymous said...

Excellent - Bonn Voyage! It sure is sad about the sets of orphaned moose twin. Wish there was something that could be done?????

Honey said...

Made my day.....and I've had quite the day! Thanks for posting so quickly Andy.
Love, Mom