Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I just got off my first of 6 night shifts and am waiting for the ambien to kick in so I thought I would post real fast.

Lisa and I left at about 3:30 on Sunday to meet our friends who are visiting from Houston (Echo, Brian, and Randall) in Seward who took the train down earlier in the day. They also took a whale watching tour during the day so they were looking forward to connecting and finding our cabin. As you could tell from the previous post, the cabin was SPECTACULAR!! It had 2 bedrooms and could easily sleep 7 adults. At $250 a night split between the 2 groups, it was extremely affordable. Look up any hotel or cabin and you'll find that the minimum is $200 and it is never as cozy or picturesque as this place.

It was about 5 miles north of Seward tucked along side the road to Exit Glacier. As you can tell, the ceilings are all vaulted...even the bedrooms were like that. This is the sitting area with the kitchen to the right.

Here's the Browns room...the location of MUCH frustration for the night to come.

We thought it would be a great idea to let the girls sleep in their pack-and-plays and then we could sneak in to our bed well after they were already asleep. I was gonna say it almost worked but it wasn't even close. They put an end to any thoughts of a relaxing evening pretty fast. I stayed in the cabin with the girls while Lisa and everybody else enjoyed a fire outside with marshmellows and graham crackers. No resentment intended...I was happy to take it on. This did not go too well though. A series of events lead us down a path that would keep up all awake until past 1am. The girls would just not settle down and eventually ended up sleeping with us. It was all new and fun to them so they just wanted to make the very most of it.

I remember thinking how I couldn't recall being more frustrated with their shenanigans. We had tried everything we could think of including putting them in the car and driving around for 45 minutes. NOTHING was working. Making it worse was that I had been awake since 5am and was BEYOND ready to be asleep. It was certainly frustrating...and will seriously reconsider the next time we think about spending the night somewhere with the girls.

YES...even this cute baby is capable of shenanigans...

I'm getting ahead of myself. First, we had to settle down and then go out for dinner at one of Lisa's favorite places in Alaska...the Salmon Bake.

Lisa and Randall

Lisa and Echo

and Lisa and the girls in front of the moose. Oh man, how the girls loved those moose.

Off to the Salmon Bake... I don't remember the name of the dog hogging the entry way but he was sweet. He let the girls come up close and pet him.

Lisa had the Seafood Chowder and loved it. I went for a bbq chicken sammich but was too busy holding Alyssa's hand.

After a HUGE dinner, we went down to the bay and did some minor exploring before we went back to the cabin and kicked off of our shoes.

Brian and Randall soaking up the scenery.

So I have no idea how much if any has made sense but I'm going with it. I've nodded off 3 times while writing this for bed!

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Honey said...

Andy, will you and Lisa be joining Dad and me in Seward as well????? I hope so. These are awesome pictures.Can't wait to see it live and in person and we get to travel on the jazz train too. WOOHOO!!
Love, Mom