Sunday, September 06, 2009

back to the grind

Our friends headed home to Houston yesterday evening so it's back to the old routine for us. Bummer.

We were very fortunate to have them here for as long as we did and I think we made the most of their time here. We definitely had fun and I think they had some fun too.

I was going to clean these pictures up before posting them but who am I kidding? They're pretty good as is. This was a couple nights ago overlooking Anchorage at sunset. Not a bad view.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family to "grind away" with and in such a tranquil and fantastic frontier/wilderness. Hopefully the "turmoil of the lower 48" will pass you by! Send more pictures and keep the blog going.

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Did we ever have a great time. Lisa and Andy were wonderful hosts and put up with a lot out of us. Thank you dear friends for such a good time.

And those girls... So yes, they get into a little mischief but what two year old doesn't? They are AMAZING! They are really loving, smart, funny, adorable girls. Lisa and Andy are rock stars in the parenting world!