Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 2 of the excursion

So the girls did pretty good that night. We all slept in the same room but unlike our Seward trip, we managed to keep them in their cribs (pack and plays). There were shenanigans but no screaming like last time. This time we just let them talk and play in their cribs while we lay there and listened. The frustrating part was when they started unzipping their pjs and trying to strip down naked. What can we say, we're raising nudists! About the third time I got up to zip Katy's pjs back up in the dark, the zipper caught her skin around her neck and she CRIED!! I felt terrible and held her until she calmed down. That was pretty much it. When I put her back down she stayed quiet. Alyssa, with nobody to talk to, fell asleep a few minutes later.

We didn't have a clock in the room but we guessed it was around midnight...maybe a little later. We slowly woke up to a wonderful view and two happy, and somewhat rested kiddos.

Unfortunately, the lodge was not open for breakfast so we took our time in the cabin and tried to burn off some energy. Lisa brought enough food for the girls but we were hurting so we drove back into town to the first convenience store / gas station / laundry mat / showers...all in about 300 square feet. I love Alaska.

Anyway, we returned for a quick lunch of $9 turkey sandwich and $6 grilled cheese...of which the girls barely touched. And then we were on our way to the summit and the long road back home.

Summit. I think it was even called Summit Lake.

Great pics of the girls before we took a little hike around the lake.

I was kinda taken back by the fact that we were at the headwaters of a pretty big creek. This is one of two branches of what becomes Willow Creek...the same creek that we fished at it's confluence with the big Susitna River back in May.

Looking down the valley where we were going to be driving the next couple of hours on a BUMPY road.

If you didn't, be sure to click on some of these pictures. After looking through the tiny versions, you HAVE to click to get the full size.

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Honey said...

Andy,if I looked back at all my comments since you started this blog and counted the number of times I said unbelievable or awesome we would be surprised, but what else can I say. These pictures are just amazing! The girls get more beautiful with each passing day and speaking of passing days....Dad and I are counting them with great joy and anticipation!! Go DAYS Go!!