Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tiny spoons

It's as if the girls knew something exciting and new was going to happen today. Lisa went into the nursery to find two little girls stretching as possible to see what the day was going to bring.

They had done wonderful last night so it was all smiles this morning. After their late morning nap, we got the tiny spoons and mixed up a delicious concoction of milk and rice cereal. Katy really got into it as you'll see. Alyssa...she's not too sure about it yet. They were champs and can only describe today as a success.

So this video is literally the very first spoonfulls of the good stuff. Their reactions are priceless.


Honey said...

Oh the tongue!! Those are priceless pictures. I love their little turtle heads peeking out above the bed tops. WHat cuties. I'm counting the days!! L,M

Anonymous said...

How exicting and cute. Looks like the GIRLS will be progressing rapidly toward crawling soon! Looking foreard to their Birthday and our next visit.


Amy said...

SO much fun!!! I seriously think they are going to do even better sleeping now that they are getting some solids. And yes, Andy, the diapers are going to start getting...umm, interesting...especially as you add in fruits and veggies. Continue to build your iron stomach!!

Before you know it, they're going to be pulling up in those cribs and it will be time to start lowering those mattresses!! They are going to really start being even more fun only gets better from here!

Much love,
Amy, Dave, and Jacob

Amy said...

Lisa and Andy,

I just showed this video to Jacob and he said,"I want to kiss the baby" and he leaned forward and kissed the screen. I think it was Alyssa. Then he said, "I want baby...two babies...Alyssa and Katy." So sweet!!