Monday, January 14, 2008

Enjoying our Alaskan winter

If you stopped by to check up on the girls, then run away...cause today I'm talking about our Alaska winter. As some of you know, I kinda like the weather...especially the winter weather. So far this year, it's been a meh kinda winter (yeah, that's a technical term). But lately, we've been getting some more snow and temperatures have been dipping down into the "holy crap, it's cold" range.

This morning was our second coldest temperature since we've been in Anchorage. We got down to -13.8. Our coldest in the last 3 winters is -16.8. It will be warming back up into the 20s the next couple of days so back to more normal type temps. Just as long as it stays below freezing. I don't want to lose all this gorgeous snow we've hd.

About a week ago, we started getting daily snow. It wasn't accumulating much until we got an 8 inch dump. All in all, we have about a foot of snow on the ground. Does that stop us? Heck NO!! When it was 10 degrees and snowing like crazy, I fired up the grill and cooked a delicious flank steak dinner. Tonight, it was hovering around 0 degrees and we grilled some chicken thighs. MMMMMM!!! I love living here!

So last week when it was snowing, I made a last minute decision to head up the road and do some snowboarding. I haven't been with so much fresh snow on the ground so it was NICE! I took a couple pictures during the 15 minute drive and a fairly boring video of me going down the hill.

Said grilling pictures.


Honey said...

AWESOME! I don't know how you did the video and balanced on that fast moving thing. You've definitely improved since Germany last year. Listen, weather boy, you better keep that snow (every inch) until I get there. I can't wait.....9 days and counting!
Love, Mom

christin said...

Connor says to Uncle Andy - "You're a beast, man!"

Dad said...

Reminds me of last winter when I came to lend a hand and do some cooking for the expecting couple and their babies. I know it sounds strange but I'm even envious of AK in winter. I see from the BLOG that the moose have returned to the neighboorhood. I suppose the beavers are enjoying their newly built homes on the creek.


Austin said...

Austin says to his favorite Unk Andy - I think you should have gone through those 2 trees! That would have been braver and funnier. haha! Come on, Andy. Love You!

Anonymous said...

Did I hear that you have a blizzard warning tonight (Jan 24th)? EEKS! I am *so* not a snow person, so I'm thinking a move to Alaska might not be my best bet. Ohio is bad enough. I am glad you all enjoy it though!

Stay warm, have fun. Post pictures!

Laurie in OH