Thursday, January 03, 2008

Little miracles.

I can't help but share this story. When we were diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, I started doing research to find out more about it and came across a website (TTTS Foundation). On this website was a forum where you could share your story or just read about others to find out everything there is to know about TTTS. I shared our story and was overwhelmed with the responses...both support and help. I shared our blog with the forum and now, almost a year later, there still seems to be some lurkers from that original thread that occasionally check on us and our girls and offer their support and advice. Although we've never met, this family has left numerous well-wishes in the comment section. Just recently..ok, yesterday...she left her email address so we could finally e-meet. Ends up, THEY LIVE IN THE CITY WHERE LISA AND I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! Their TTTS surviving twins are going to the junior high where Lisa went!! It's INSANE!! We've had this surreal connection for almost a year and just realized that we really do have a connection.

I'm typing this really fast so it probably isn't coming out very clear but we're pretty amazed. I'm....I'm....speechless. Too cool. We will get to meet this incredible family this summer when we travel home to see family. It's just too cool!

Thank you OH family for being so cool and we can't wait to meet you! Stay in touch. These pictures of the girls go out to you.

Lisa and her mom took 15 pictures...just like these. Actually, there might have been more that were deleted. There are 15 pictures just like these that I have to choose from to share on the blog. In 14 out of 15 pictures, Alyssa's mouth is open. Why was her mouth open in 14 out of 15 pictures? Apparently she was telling a story and they couldn't get her to stop telling this tale long enough for a couple pictures. It made for some cute pictures either way.

Our last little miracle that I'd like to talk about is Lisa's mom. She has been visiting since before Christmas and will be taking the long journey back to OHIO!!! tomorrow night. Lisa and I (and the girls, of course) will be very sad to see her go. She has been a TREMENDOUS help during the hardest of times. She cooked us dinner every night and would often eat hers cold because she was helping with the babies. She walked the dog when it was -5 degrees and held screaming babies late into the night. I think the only time she got out of the house was to go to the babies doctor appointment and go Christmas shopping...and spend WAAAAY too much on her son-n-law. We can't thank her enough for the time she was able to spend with us during the holidays. Now it's back to work where she can hopefully get some rest.

Thank you, Eileen!


Anonymous said...

I am WOWED myself! I had trouble going to sleep last night, marveling at the "small world" we live in. The internet can be a scary place.....but then again, it can be AMAZING. I felt blessed to be able to peek at your girls and remember my own twins as babies, but this just takes it to another level.

I look forward to your updates and a face-to-face meeting in 2008. I hope Lisa's mom has an easy flight back home tonight. The weather is good here.

Laurie in OH

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your two beautiful babies! I came across your webpage via Todd Shoemake's- I think you might remember me from Baseops etc! Sounds like you are doing well and loving Alaska and thats great. Personally, I'm ready for spring here in New England. But your pics look pretty amazing.
Boston MA