Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Pictures

We had a pretty uneventful evening...just lots of kids coming around getting candy. I worked my last night shift for a while so now I'm home, trying to help with the night shift at home. The first night was a tough one. Lisa said at some point in the middle of the night (4AMish), "I don't know why I think it's going to be so much easier when you're here. Like I have visions of them going down early and sleeping until 8." Needless to say, that's not exactly how it panned out. So we had a pretty lazy day or I should say, I had a lazy day trying to readjust to normal hours after a long frustrating night of holding crying babies.

I am learning something about myself, actually I'm learning a lot about myself...but I've learned that I'm not nearly as patient as I thought I was. I considered myself an extremely patient person and envisioned long nights with crying girls and me standing tall, with infinite amounts of patience. Again, it hasn't exactly panned out like that. It is hard to admit that but I can't put into words how frustrating it is to be so tired and not be allowed to sleep. This is easily the most challenging experience of my life. And I know it will be rewarding too, and it already is to some extent, but right now it is a daily grind. We jokingly say this to the girls, "it's a good thing God made you so cute".

Check out Alyssa eyeing that candy. Yeah, we know why she weighs a pound more than her sister!

Lately, the girls will look up at each other while they're doing tummy time and even reach out. Last night and tonight they've grabbed each other's hand like they were thumb wrestling.

See what I mean about God making them cute? How can I be frustrated at those big blue eyes?

Regarding my weight's been 90% diet and 10% exercise. I have been following weight watchers online which helps me keep track of how much and what I'm eating. It's something I've been struggling with for years and I'm not sure why the girls coming home motivated me so much but somehow it did and I've managed to stick to it. Actually, it was two things. I didn't like the way I looked in the pictures I kept putting on the blog and found myself avoiding the camera...I didn't want to be left out of the pictures. And second...I want to be around for a looooong long time. I want to be a healthy Daddy and be around to hold my girls' girls in 30...or 40 years. HA! Lately, I've started going to the gym to get these last 20 pounds off. It' getting much more difficult to shed the weight now so I'm trying to put in a little extra effort to keep the weight loss going.

Also, I'm downloading a video that Lisa took last night. We've taken some cute videos, some sad videos, and some funny videos...this one will top them all.
It. is. epic.

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Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts...I remember very well the "tired" that you speak of. I am a happy, organized person, but not so much when my twins were very little and not sleeping. I cried a lot. It was so hard, and my husband and I even had snippiness (is that a word??) between us now and then, which is absolutely NOT like us. You will get through it, and someday you'll have 11 year old twins who sleep until 11:30 am and hang out in PJs until 1 pm. Frustrating in a different way.

Your girls *are* incredibly cute, and I look forward to the upcoming video. Thank you so much for allowing me to peek at your blog - I really enjoy it!

Laurie in OH (TTTS mom)

p.s. Weight Watchers, huh? I've done South Beach for a few years now, and it is fine, but I find myself slowly losing it. Maybe I can use what I learned with that but combine with the WW. I'll have to look into that. ??? Thank you for the tip. And congrats again!