Saturday, June 09, 2007

Madison: the drama queen

Madison gave us quite the scare yesterday. She was acting very strange yesterday morning and early afternoon so I'd thought I try and get her outside to see if that would help things. She was VERY reluctant to get out from her hiding place. After a LOT of encouragement, offering treats, squirrels, moose, and kitty cats she finally made it to the top of the stairs.

She made it about half way down the stairs before she stopped and looked at me with the saddest eyes. She was having another one of her "episodes" that she had about a month ago..or so. We got her to make the last couple of steps but she let out a little yelp in the process. It broke our hearts. It was obvious now...she is in pain.

I asked for my keys and wallet and carefully coaxed her in the car to go back to the emergency clinic.

The next 2 and a half hours were pretty difficult. There was a quick visit with a tech that showed her concern as well and said that it would be best if I could wait to see the doctor. Madison was cowering between my legs with her back arched and tail tucked between her legs. I was honestly very concerned.

The doctor finally saw us and during her physical exam felt her abdomen and Madison yelped again. It wasn't her leg or back or hip, it was her abdomen. She recommended x-rays. When Madison had the episodes before, that was going to be the next step if her condition didn't see if she had a tumor. 30 minutes later, the vet puts the x-rays up for us both to see and points out the enormous amount of poo blocking her system. She was "backed up".

The vet seemed a little surprised her hips looked so great. We've known since she was a pup that huskies tend to develop hip problems...but that wasn't the source of the pain. It was all the extra...well, you know.

So the course of action? The big "E". It was wet and wild but she immediately seemed to be feeling better. Her back isn't rounded like it was and she is walking around better today. We just took her out real quick after this 5am feeding and she is still having some difficulty with the stairs but we imagine she'll pass everything soon and be back on top of the world...or at least the couch.


Jan said...

awww..are those girls getting too much of YOUR attention, Madison?

Stormy P. said...


Woof, woof, woof...arrff, arrf!

Yours woofy,

P.S. Loosely translated..."Madison, glad you're feeling better!"

Ben said...

dude, sometimes people "share" a bit too much... ;)