Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big Snow = Big Fun

Friday, December 1, was a good day. We got 5 to 7 inches of the white stuff across town. It was my first day off so Lisa, Ben, Lisa R, Venessa, and I made the most of our afternoon. After I bought my snowboard!!!!!! we went up to Russian Jack Park to go snowboarding/sledding. It was a blast. The snow was untouched so we were able to make our own trails and I was able to experience snowboarding down some fresh powder. I've heard it compared to floating on a cloud, that is accurate. It was like nothing I'd ever done before. It was very forgiving and lot of fun. Here are some pics from this evening's festivities.

My first attempt

Lisa R giving the snowboard a try and doing pretty good.

I thought this one looked like an album cover or something. It'd be better if it was in focus but you get the point. It was funny because it was so spontaneous, too. I just said, hey let me get your picture as they were walking up the hill and this is how they stopped and posed.

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Lisa said...

Yeah, we're professionals...we do album covers at least weekly. By the way, you owe us royalties for this picture! :)

Love it!