Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5 Checkup

We needed a pick-me-up today and we go it. We were able to ease our worrisome minds with some reassurance from our doctor that we're doing everything right and the babies are perfectly healthy. The doctor determined that Lisa's cold is a viral infection and antibiotics aren't necessary. The best course of action is to drink plenty of fluids and keep taking Sudafed. All the cramping, throwing up, sniffs, and gagging is a natural part of being pregnant and will eventually pass.

So after that settling news and getting a nice pep talk, we headed over to get a quick ultrasound. Unfortunately, it was not the 3-d ultrasound like the last one but we did make an appointment for next Friday to have that done. That will be VERY exciting because we will most likely find out the sex of the two little ones during that next visit. This ultrasound was to just do a quick check to make sure they're alive and kicking.

And now for the best part of the day...the second the doc put the wand on Lisa's belly, this perfect image of baby number 1 popped up on the screen. He/she was wiggling around and showing off for us again. Baby number 2 wasn't as easy to see. He/she was situated in a way that we could really only see the top of his/her head and the upper torso. Afterwards, I was brought to tears. I was SO excited to see those little ones doing so good. It has been challenging for us, especially Lisa, and it was so rewarding and comforting to see our happy babies alive and well...and GROWING!! They are really starting to look like little babies.

So here are the pics of the two little ones. In the second picture, if you are having a hard time seeing it, the top of the head is on the right and the spine and upper torso goes off to the left.

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Anonymous said...

That's it. I vow to never miss a day checking in here on your wonderful site. You made a believer out of me. The Little Browns look just perfect to me. Thank you for posting the pictures. Wish I could have been there to see the Little Brown (A) doing the happy dance. Maybe next week A & B will do the dance together. What joy! ILY Mom