Monday, December 04, 2006

We're at an all-time low over here

What a weekend! After a fun snow day on Friday, things went downhill fast. Friday night we spent with Lisa and Ben and probably stayed out a little bit too late. Saturday was house party night. We went to 3 different parties eventhough Lisa was feeling a little under the weather.

Sunday...the floor fell out from us. Lisa is as sick as she's been since we found out. She has a nasty cold and nothing seems to be helping. That in combination with the morning sickness is bringing the morale way down.

So we're feeling bad, right? I decided while Lisa was in bed to do some cleaning Sunday. I get out the vacuum and when I start it up, smoke starts pouring out of the side! This is 3 year old $200+ vacuum we bought to deal with all the dog hair...guess that didn't pan out too well.

So today, I decide to get some laundry done. I start the washer up and laid down. I hear an awful sound and run to the laundry room only to smell AND SEE smoke coming from behind the washer!!!! What are the freaking chances!?!?!? 2 appliances in 2 days practically catch fire.

So what's the good news? It can't all be bad, right? Well we have an appointment with the doc tomorrow morning. Certainly the doc will be able to give Lisa some relief from her symptoms. Both of our fantasy football teams won. We're leaving for Germany in 17 days. All signs are that the babies are doing well. Hopefully that'll be comfirmed tomorrow at the appointment.

Say a little prayer for us.

I leave you with a picture from Friday night at Lisa and Bens. We played Monopoly by the fire until...well until Lisa B won.

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