Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An actual "blog"

I thought I would just write something. I realized that I haven't been posting as much as I hoped I would when I started this blog. I think that's because I wanted this to be mainly about the pictures and I figured I'd get less interest if there's all this crap to read through to get to the pictures. Well screw it...there've been many times where I wanted to share a story but hesitated because I didn't have a picture to accompany it. Too bad.

Update on Lisa...the best I can say is it's been "up and down". We had a great Thanksgiving (pictures coming as soon as I get the film developed) and Lisa felt pretty good the entire day. Friday wasn't as good...Saturday a little worse...and Sunday was just bad. I was wondering if it was because she wasn't at work and didn't have other stuff to keep her occupied but whatever it was, Sunday was a bad day. Thanks to a couple of timely phone calls from friends and family, I think she was feeling better by Sunday night. Monday went pretty well. She came home from work and declared, "I'm hungry", which I hear 3-6 times a day. For whatever reason, the babies wanted Mexican so we hopped into the car and went to our local Mexican restaurant.

In other news...the temperature is up a little. It has been COOLLD this November. We hit -10.1 Sunday morning with a high of 3 degrees. But it snowed finally Monday morning...just a little. With the clouds and precip, the temps jumped up into the upper teens. It felt like spring, it was soo nice and warm.

It was funny driving home this morning in the snow, I was having a hard time determining where the road started and stopped. I was focused so hard on the road I nearly missed 3 adult moose RUNNING toward me about 15 feet off the road like they just robbed a bank. I got a good laugh out of it after I changed my shorts.

That's all I have for now. I'm working through Thursday morning...hoping to finally buy a snowboard and go out for the first time this season. I'll try to limit these posts and keep it interesting.

Thanksgiving pics and updated Lisa photos coming in the next couple of days.


Amy said...

What?!? You still get film developed! Oh my! :) I enjoyed the update even without the pictures...keep the news coming!

See you in February!!!

Lisa and Ben said...

Like the short changing comment, too good.