Saturday, November 04, 2006

Baby on Board

We are expecting!!! Most of you know that we are expecting our first child in early June of 2007. I finally hooked up the scanner so I could share our first ultrasound pictures.

That's our dot! Isn't it cute?! We were a little surprized to find out that we were going to have a baby but we weren't not trying so we weren't completely shocked.

Next step was yesterday...we went in for our first scheduled appointment on Friday the 3rd. Lisa beat me into the exam room for the ultrasound (I was in the bathroom of course). As soon as I walked in the door, the doctor says "oh good, you're here. Do twins run in the family?" The question caught us off guard but we thought about it for a second and politely answered...still not knowing he was about to drop this bomb. "Well, you're having twins"!!!!!!! We were, and still are, SHOCKED!

So here's the cool part. Our hospital just received a new 3-D Ultrasound machine so we were able to see some very special images of our little babies.

The rest of the appointment went great. All the bloodwork is perfect and the only "abnormality" was Lisa's hormone levels were through the roof...well now we know why, which also explains why Lisa has been SO sick the last couple of weeks. The doctor prescribed some anti-nausea medicine to help Lisa out and she's been feeling better today.

As for whether or not twins run in the family, apparently that is irrelevant. Later during the ultrasound the doc said that they are going to be identical twins. He can tell because they are sharing the same placenta so the egg split at sometime early in the pregnancy. I've been doing some reading and it appears that fraternal twins are hereditary or as a result of fertility drugs, identical twins are a statistical anomaly...I mean a blessing from God!

We still don't know the sex, which will be the same, and shouldn't be able to tell for another 8 weeks or so. All of our efforts are being doubled...actually right now that just means we have to double the naming process. I'll post a link to a website soon so you can see what names we're thinking about and you can give us some feedback.

Otherwise mom and babies are great. The babies even were dancing for us during the 3-d portion of the ultrasound and we were able to hear each babies heartbeat.

We are extremely excited...shocked...nervous so keep us in your prayers. I'll start posting some before pictures so you can keep up with how mom's wasteline is evolving too. HA


Dad said...


We are so happy for you and Lisa and are excited to be the grandparents of twins. These images are FANTASIC!!! My money is on GIRLS. It doesn't matter, and I haven't said anything to Mom, but that has been my feeling from the time you called.

Thank you for putting these photos on the blog. We love all four of you. We look forward to our time together in Germany this Christmas and are already thinking about our visits around the due-date timeframe.

God has prepared you for this from before you even thought about having a child. He and the support structure He has provided for you will see you through this wonderful experience.

Mom & I love you both(x2) and think & pray for you daily.


Vanessa said...

You overachievers!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! wow, that is going to be a couple of crazy first weeks/months/18years at the Brown's. Well, Lisa, look at it this way. You get two for the price of one and it is truly a blessing. I will pray for continued health of all and i am so happy for you guys! Talk to you soon!

Amy and Dave said...

Lisa and Andy,

What an amazing journey you are embarking upon! I am so happy for you...make that doubly happy now! You guys are going to be amazing parents...never doubt that for a second! We are always here for you, and can't wait to hear more about this exciting time in your life! Miss you and love you all so much!