Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Remembering the moose

I have a sad story to share. I was working night shifts this past weekend and one night a momma and a baby moose stopped by the office to say hello. Lisa R. and I watched the two tag-team the shrubs and then lay down next to each other in the snow and take a long nap. It was a very sweet moment. It's especially nice when the moose come around the house or the office because we usually see them on the side of the road as we drive by at 40 mph and we don't get to observe them close up and personal like that.

Well...a day later I was on my way to work and it appeared that the baby had been hit by a car and had been killed just a hundred yards or so from the office. It was really sad. Luckily I didn't see the mom anywhere when I drove by but I was still a bit heartbroken thinking about the two of them just 24 hours earlier laying down side by side in the snow.

So...I thought I would go through some of our pictures and find some to remember the good times. At last count, Lisa and I have seen over 250 moose this year and have loved every one of them.


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Dad B said...

A sad story to be sure - but the memories of the two together will outlast the tragic scene I'm sure! Immortality exists in our memories and isn't it amazing how we are so moved by nature's critters? I have so many peaceful memories of just sitting and watching animals in Alaska when I've visited as well as around the world. I'm sure Lisa can share the calming effects that nature has on our souls, especially with our pets, when they just give unconditional love and affection. I continue to be envious of your ability to live in an environment where nature still abounds - we need to ensure it continues.