Wednesday, June 22, 2011

well...probably shouldn't have done that

Some of you may have seen my post on facebook earlier in the week that I need to take some posts off the blog. Ends up late one night I was having a hard time sleeping and it suddenly hit me that the contract might say something about sharing photos on the internet. I got up and checked it out and sure enough, there is some specific language at the end of the contract regarding disclosure of information about the "project".

To be safe, I am removing a few posts that might get us in trouble. Don't worry, I am not deleting them. They have been moved over to a new blog that is by invite only and when the time is right, I will make that blog public or maybe even just transfer those posts back over here so we can share all of our many adventures.

It is safe to say that I can still talk about the "project" but just not mention specifics or share pics of the set. In the mean time while I filter some of these pictures that I've taken, I have a few videos from the last week that I thought you'd enjoy.

The first one is of Katy singing a song by one of her favorite artists...Rachele. Yes, the same Rachele that we met earlier in the spring. The reason I started the video is because Katy and I were having a conversation about our bathroom renovation and she said the color we picked out was "dull". I didn't even know she knew what dull meant!! So I was trying to get her to say that again and instead got this video.

Second video is also Katy. She was on the toilet (sorry) and was very talkative. We had already had quite the conversation when I got the phone out to record this. She still managed to give a few gems.

Last one is hilarious!!! This was on our day off. Lisa and I were frantically cleaning and doing laundry while the girls were doing a great job of entertaining themselves....when we hear someone yell "ACTION!!" We investigate and find the girls playing this hilarious game.

This happened on Father's Day so we sent the director this email...not sure if he would really watch it. Sure enough, he told us later that he loved it and wanted to share it on his facebook page!! HAHAHA!! I love our girls!!! Entertaining the masses!

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Amy said...

I love how Katy still says "Yellows and poo poo." Hilarious!