Sunday, June 05, 2011

Memorial Day Picnic

Been a while. We have been having lots of fun on set...and off. Before last weekend, we heard that a group of people were looking to get the cast together for a hike or something Alaska. Several ideas got thrown around but the consensus was a BBQ. What started as a small gathering ended up being almost the entire cast and crew. It may have had something to do with the PERFECT weather!
Katy meeting one of the cast members dogs that she brought up from California.
I asked Katy to pose. I never had a doubt that she would.
Me and Katy goofing off.
Alyssa playing some ball.
The girls were off playing in the dirt while the rest of the twins were hamming it up in front of the cameras. Kind of proud....but then again it would have been nice to have them in this picture. Oh well.
Lisa playing catch while the girls play in the dirt.
This guy decided to stop by for a while too! He was all dressed up because he just came from a service on Fort Richardson where he gave a speech. I'm getting more and more respect for him every day.
That's not a shadow, that's dirt on Alyssa's face! Not enough wet wipes in the world to get those kids clean.
It was cute for a while until I really saw the mess they had made of themselves. You can kind of tell I had lost my sense of humor at this point.
Friendly game of 2 hand touch football. Ends up the guy facing away from the camera in the black shirt (Isaac) took a fall and broke his wrist. Whoops.
The director, Sean, showing off his frisbee skills.
This is Casey. He's the male lead in the movie and he's awesome. At the picnic, I learned that he is originally from College Station and his parents still live there! So we had plenty to talk about. I was really surprised how athletic he is. Then again, all we've seen of him so far is on the set in a suit. First time we've seen him let loose. He apparently can make frisbees levitate! Impressive!

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Dad said...

Great pics and great commentary. I am really impressed (honestly and positively) that you let the girls "get down and get dirty." Yes, it may take several wipes to get the dirt off, but it WILL come off. On the other hand, nothing will wipe away the memories. Love to all.